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Ice baths, breath work, and mindset. Take on the iconoclastic workout to strengthen mind body and spirit.

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Ice Baths

Looking to add a unique and exhilarating touch to your private event? How about the invigorating experience of ice baths! We offer the opportunity to include ice baths as a thrilling attraction at your event, whether it's a fitness, team-building workshop, or wellness retreat. Imagine the awe and excitement on your guests' faces as they take part in this memorable and transformative experience. 



Welcome to the realm of "Ice Awakenings," where art and wellness converge in a unique and transformative experience!  I blend creativity and holistic well-being to offer a range of captivating sessions that go beyond the ordinary. Dive into our imaginative breathwork offerings, including a hip-hop breathwork , metal, mystical, pop and theater of the mind.

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Wim Hof

Whether you're seeking to enhance your physical performance, improve mental clarity, or boost your overall well-being, I offer a range of tailored options to meet your needs. Explore our offerings, including invigorating day-long workshops, personalized private training sessions, corporate events to promote team resilience, advanced workshops to deepen your practice, weekly classes for continuous growth, and rejuvenating weekend retreats in the great outdoors. 


My name is John Whitaker

Whether you seek improved physical endurance, enhanced mental resilience, or simply a deeper connection with your own vitality, Ice Awakening is here to guide you. Join us on this exhilarating adventure where you'll discover that the boundaries of what's possible are set by your own determination and the endless potential within you.

Learn more about the Wim Hof method

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